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Phonics Workshop


For more information on scheduling Phonics Training Workshop, click here

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Successful reading instruction begins with teacher training and an understanding of the brain science! Get a jump start by bringing literacy expert Katie Garner to your event, school or district for a professional development phonics workshop trainingInstructional strategies and techniques for aligning existing reading curriculum and phonics instruction with brain science showing "how our brains actually learn best” will be shared. Both one day and multi-day workshop options are available, depending on needs. Workshop splits grade level targets— PreK-2 and 3rd-5th.

Sample One Day Workshop Schedule  


Pre-K / 2nd grade: 8:00- 11:30 Primary Workshop focuses on building teacher expertise and boosting instructional effectiveness in teaching reading. Strategies for aligning existing reading curriculum and phonics instruction with the brain science showing how our brains learn best will be shared.

(All Resource/Pull-out, Special Education, ESL/TESOL/ELL, Speech & Fine Arts should attend with the primary block.)


3rd / 5th grade: 12:00- 2:00 Intermediate Workshop focuses on building teachers' skill sets to meet the diverse needs of upper grade, struggling readers. Brain-based "backdoor" teaching strategies for accelerated mastery of high-leverage phonics skills will be shared for the purpose of "plugging holes" in reading and writing skill ability, while maintaining the momentum of on-grade level instruction.

*Times are flexible and approximated, based on flight schedules and sub coverage needs.

Brain Based Reading & Phonics Workshop/Staff In-Service
Science of Reading Brain Based Phonics Workshop professional develooment with Katie Garner

Contact Katie directly to inquire inquire about specific date preferences and availability.

Once a date and/or dates are identified, a cost proposal will be sent to you for review/approval.

A purchase order must be received before workshop date/dates can be confirmed. If a delay in processing of your purchase order is anticipated, please contact our office as soon as possible to tentatively hold desired workshop dates. 


*Note that the workshop cost is NOT based on the total number of staff participating, and combining staff with neighboring schools/districts is encouraged.


To request more information, complete a  Workshop Request Form. 


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