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Katie Garner Featured / Keynote Speaking & Professional Development Phonics Staff Trainings

Keynote Series Across US & Canada


2/8  National Title I/ ESEA Conference

2/5  CCIRA Colorado Reading Conference 

3/11 - 3/12  Illinois Reading Conference

4/1 ELEVATE Conference with Greg Smedley-Warren 

4/17  Maryland State Reading Association (SOMLA)

4/21 AL State Literacy Conference for Pre-Service Teachers

4/23 Ardmore Schools "Initial" K-5 Workshop in OK

5/5 - 6/9 SAPDC Southern Alberta Professional Development Center 

6/4 Dodge County Schools "Digging Deeper" K-5 Workshop in Dublin

6/14 CSPD Montana Region 1 Professional Development

6/16 SC Center of Excellence "Children of Poverty" Conference

6/22 Beaverton School District "Quick-Start" Workshop in OR 

6/23 National ASCD Conference 

7/8 Teach Your Heart Out Summer Conference

8/12 Haywood County Schools Professional Development in NC

*Please check back often, as dates are continuously added and are subject to change.

*Additional Dates TBA

Katie Garner Author & Keynote Speaker

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