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Katie Garner Author Educaton Keynote Speaker
Katie Garner Education Keynote Speaker at National Title I ESEA Conference

Katie Garner, author of Secret Stories® Cracking the Reading Code with the Brain in Mindis an international keynote speaker, author, and literacy consultant with 25 years of classroom experience and a passion for infusing neuroscience into phonics instruction. Her "backdoor to the brain" approach to fast-tracking phonics skills for reading shifts the paradigms associated with science of reading based instruction. Her fast-paced, dynamic presentations spotlight brain-changing, evidence-based strategies for boosting existing reading/phonics curriculum with the latest neural research showing how our brains actually learn best. Katie's practical and proven methods have been the subject of numerous professional journal articles and publications, as well as the topic of both lecture and panel discussions at Harvard University and MIT. 

Facebook Group, Science of Reading Meets Science of Learning is a popular learning hub for 135,000 educators around the world and provides free access to instructional resources in the group files.

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